March 30, 2009

Skyjuicecoffee - Idiotic Game

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what happened between us, what caused this changed of heart
i just want to know what happened, cause its tearing me apart and
i hide my feelings from you,
cause i want you to be happy again...

its to love you im being stupid (drop dead i know you loath me)
its to love i bleed my dream (you breaking my heart so hard)
its to love you i wont break your heart (step back look what u did to me)
its to love i drove myself nut (each seconds im praying for you)

runaway, runaway
why you were running away
im defy to do anything for you
should you stay,be with me
im ready to go resurrect the vitality back through

so hear me now, cause i will tell you the truth
i wont let you down, never ever crossed in my mind
so tell me now, u know i care for you.
i wont bring you down, never-ever crossed in my mind
love me, love me now!

love is something wonderful,and im glad to love u like i do
cause i pray, i cry and i'll die for you
comeback to me, comeback to me now
this is my stupid lovelife, too hard too tough to justify
cause im down,im weak and im dying too
comeback to me,comeback to me now!

trust me, look into my eyes are filled with glass of falling tears
forgive me, forget it all..
my love give full sensation,.dont take it all away
our love is full of question, dont ruin it all today..

blabla..blabla.,. hahah


song that comes along with me through all my hard times before, now and later.

Choosing And Picking Up The Correct Solution

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some points of things that happened and i had this morning till afternoon.

  • speed teaching by Miss Elya -- because of yesterday's incident of raging madness to us ( her students ), she probably still not recover yet from the anger that she had yesterday's morning. she broke her 'lovely' trademark ( a metal pointer for teaching purposes ) into two, i guess. well, i was not there at that morning ( woke up late ) and the details i received are not so specific. madness, anger, a feeling that is really drain your energy, and your self control. and this morning, she teach us using what i thought to be a new style of teaching students like us, speed teaching. she lecture us with tons of speeding words, faster than a bullet shoot from 35mm caliber West And Smith revolver, and we have to cram all the points into our ears and process it as fast as we could, and she was just talk and talk and talk, and replace the slides, not even consider to ask us if we finished copying all the notes or not. it was disasterous, with her raging ' free lecture ' too. and thanks to the new technique of teaching, we finished a chapter within an hour.
  • in front of my eyes, far away, and the future -- let me introduce to the characters first. a girl, just call her G, another girl named I, and another girl, named A. G and I are studying with me in Uni10 Tercinta. and A is staying on the other region in Selangor. and all wants my attention, wants me to consider their feelings, their heart. i'm not a playboy, nor Giacomo Girolamo Casanova. no, i'm not! so please, shut your negative thinking towards me. i'm not playing any games here with these 3 girl that came into my life, and i'm not a heart-breaker-machine. i don't know how to choose, and how to keep the others calm and accept any of my further decisions. maybe, just maybe, you still think i am a playboy, or casanova, or anything else. i'm used to that label. and i've got that mark since in my previous years in high school. is it wrong, if more than 1 girl wants you to be your sweetheart? is it your fault, when more than 1 girl wants you to love her like how she loves you? is it true that you are a playboy if more than 1 girl wants you to be her most beloved person after her own parents and family members? think, think and think. please, i'm stressing it 1 more time, and much more harder, I AM NOT A PLAYBOY! when i'm alone, no one stays by my side, sharing every feelings that i had at that time, no one. i don't care if i'm alone. i'm always alone, left behind by my own beloved friends ( not all ), suffering alone when others happily enjoying their nights. i don't care. i can survive if i'm alone, even though i would be crazy at that time. think, and think, and think. and don't just label anyone with anything based on what you see only, but from what you heard, saw, and analysed. done.
  • warning! incoming tests -- ok, this friday i'm going to have my first Physics test for Trimester 3, and on sunday, it's my first Calculus test waiting for me and my other fellow friends. good luck guys, and girls. i still didn't start any of my serious study, except for a little and moderate revisioning and turning the textbook pages anywhere i think is necessary. i've got my physics quiz mark from K, and i don't know is it true or not. but if it is true, i'm going to make it as my first inspiration towards greater and higher results.
  • i'm starving -- even though last night i've had my big meal, still, this morning my stomach keep singing ' Happy Food Day ' loudly ( today is not a food day ). i don't know what to eat, and just having a cup of my lovely teh tarik from Kak Ros Foodcourt. and this evening too, i'm going to have a running feast, held by Kor subject. ahh, starving made my language turns into prehistoric version ( so merapu ).

ok, that's it. i'm done.

My Happy Dinner Time

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ok. here's the picta of my dinner for tonight. 7 slices of roti canai from upten. yeah, 7 slices. if my roomate goes to Brother's, probably the picta that you see now is not roti canai. but,

1 bungkus nasi goreng kampung ( nasi tambah ) + telur dadar
1 burger ayam
1 burger benjo

that's my order if he goes to Brother's, but instead he goes to upten, and so here it is, 7 slices of my fav roti canai. really kenyang now. =)

March 29, 2009

Nice And Supple

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I've been surfing the web since i arrived at uniten this evening. and lots of web pages i've been through, especially forums. Lots of forums. and the thread were really enjoyful to read, and "stared" too. heh, what did i mean about "stared" eh? try read some threads in any big forum, and you could find those forum that would make you stare at it, and not exactly read it.
ouh, and i've found this thread in, one of my fav forum. the title?


haha, sounds a lil bit a#$%$^&?
well, you should read it, then you would probably laugh, or give critics silently in your head. and below is an extract text from a reply post from one of the forumers.

Earth Hour? Share Yesterday at 5:02pm Theres one thing worrying about Earth Hour: What if, around that exact moment, intelligent lifeforms from outer space who've travelled millions of light years away to come to Earth with gifts of planet-saving advanced alien technology, cures for diseases like AIDS, Cancer and Akademi Fantasia and maybe, just maybe, the solution to traffic jams in KL. Then, suddenly, at precisely 8.30pm everyone in the world turns off all the lights and the aliens'd be like, 'Holy Klxertzort!!!!! Where the x'ort did Earth go?!?! It's just there 1.2345 seconds ago!' Then they'd get lost, and later decide to ask for directions from a cosmic gas station near Uranus (giggle) and somehow, instead of turning left at the next black hole, they turned right and crashed straight on the surface of the sun. Of course, they'd be safe from being burnt to a crisp, because it's at night...

what's the point i'm pasting it here? well, just for laugh, maybe. its up to you.
and below are more pics, some are funny, weird, and others are a lil bit sensitive. if you want to think negatively for what i am posting here, well, you can click the exit button on the upper right corner of your browser, and turn off your pc/lappy. done.
see, and laugh/think/critic/comment/whatsoever.
ok. i'm done. good night.

March 18, 2009

You've Skipped 7 Classes In A Week !

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oh no! what I've done?!

this week, i certainly skipped so many classes, incidentally. and sometimes i feel like so lazy to go to this class, then that class too, this class too, those......err......

no! no!

I can't keep up on this attitude all along the trimester 3, i just can't! this is the last, and izham, stop playing around, stop $^&%*#*( all over the place, like you don't have any work to do left.
come on, let's start by counting the hours off classes you've skipped, with and without reasonable excuses.

1. 4 classes in Monday morning ( straight ) - shoe lost, heavy fever re attack.
2. 2 classes in Tuesday evening ( straight ) - shoe lost, fever, cough and headache
3. 1 tutorial class last week - unreasonable excuses was used ( sleep and laziness )
4. 2 classes in Wednesday ( straight ) - almost skip it too, but changed the mind and attend it

so that's going to be total of 7 hours of skipped classes, and becomes 9 hours if you skip that last two classes stated there too. oh, this is serious, izham! your mom and dad are not putting you here for skipping classes and not doing your assignments, just online all the time like you don't even care what ever things going on all around your own environment ( in terms : Uniten )

in case you did not realize yet, tomorrow, ( in means : Thursday ), there's going to be a quiz, Physics quiz on chapter 1 of the trimester 3 syllabus. you've filled up your stomach, and there's no other necessary things that need to be done left, so why don't you shut down yourself and get some nice and pleasant sleep. I'm warning you, its already too late for any activity now, so do what you must do.


" OK, i'm going. i'm going. just don't scold at me. "

- system shut down -

March 17, 2009

Not On My Desk

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March 16, 2009

You Love Me : Sip My Blood From There

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and there it was.
the picture of a girl,with her scarf on her shoulder and wrapped around her neck,perhaps too overcome the cold that came from the inside of his heart.
then,above her,she saw it.

the scar.

she try to reach it,neither climb or jumping could make her reach the place,where the dark slit resides on top of the great reddish,almost transparent layer.she want to cure it.the never feels like it would be cured again.

and nor she knows that she is the one who made the painful,yet full of selfishness slit on top of his weak,slow beating heart.she never thought to take even a second from her life,to regret what have her done,and what the feel of having such mark,such painful scar.

if you ever know it,girl.

I'm sure you would never dare to be here right now.


you throw him into the dark,
when you enjoys the warm and bright light from the heart that once loved you before,
and you fetch someone else instead of him,
that have sacrificed everything, even you've never realized what have he done for you,
and you hurt him,
and never thought how would the pain feels if it happened to you instead,

you hurt him,
and you hide your hands,

you stab him from the back,
and you hide your hands,

you punch him in the dark,
and you hide your hands,

you tear his chest apart,
and you hide your hands,

you grab his heart and crush it in your own hands,
and stil,
you hide your hands.

never touch him, or you'll never have even a moment to regret for what you've done,

and in case you did not realized, my dear lovely girl,
that's my blood you sipping from your beautiful little crystal cup.

now think, who have the killing instict, is it me, or you?

Perempuan, Masa, Dan Situasi

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mak saya selalu kata macam ini,

"am, cuba lah kau belajar masak. tengok dalam tv tuh, sume tukang masak lelaki. mana ada dah tukang masak perempuan. "

tapi saya beri jawapan,

"mak,abang nanti kena kerja. memang lah abang boleh belajar masak, tapi abang lagi suka jadi tukang makan dan tukang kritik daripada tukang masak. nanti isteri abang buat apa?"

mak pun beri jawapan,

"isteri kau nanti lah yang kerja, kau duduk rumah, menjahit, masak, jaga anak, kemas rumah. "

saya pun jawab lagi,

"oh, memang terbaik lah macam itu. haha. tanak abang. lagi bagus tak yah kawin ah macam itu. perempuan zaman sekarang memang pelik. abang tengok kat internet pun sume cakap ' saya suka tido, shopping, lepak, tgk tv, baca novel'. bila tanya pandai masak tak, dia jawab pandai masak air je."

mak ketawa, lalu bagi jawapan,

"haha, tau pun engkau. nanti cari bini, cari yang rajin, yang baik, bukan yang lawa, tapi pemalas nauzubillah. jangan cari yang macam model, tapi agama campak bawah katil. jangan cari yang seksi, buat anak reti, jaga anak bagi kat orang gaji. kalau ada orang gaji. kalau takde?"

saya tersenyum lebar,

"haha, betul-betul. tapi mana nak cari lagi yang rajin, yang baik, yang pandai masak, mak?"

mak saya pun jawab lagi,

"alah, ko cari je yang kat kampung tuh. kan ramai anak jiran nenek kau yang rajin-rajin. nak lawa sesaja, memang tak dapat lah."

tapi saya tak setuju,

"tapi mak, abang pernah nampak diorang sume melepak dengan Mamat ngan Sham kat trek depan skola tuh, gaya macam minah rempit je. budak kampung pun da over mengalahkan budak KL."

mak diam. lalu mak pun jawab,

"alah, mana-mana sama je sekarang."

idea datang. saya pun jawab,

"kalau boleh kawin dengan perempuan yang kena tindas kat Iraq dengan Afghan tuh lagi bagus, kan mak? dorang dah tentu bersyukur gila bila duk kat Malaysia yang aman nih, tambah-tambah dah ada suami yang boleh diharap. daripada duduk dekat sana, keluarga hilang. sekurang-kurangnya kat sini boleh dapat zuriat."

mak tersengih. mak pun jawab,

"gatal!. haha. engkau tuh pun mak jaga lagi, demam pun mak yang tolong picitkan kepala, nak kawin dengan orang Arab. dorang tuh da la lawa. tapi ko tuh mana reti cakap arab."

saya tersipu-sipu malu ( konon),

"mana ada orang gatal la. abang bagi cadangan bernas lagi munasabah je. huu."


tamat sudah konversasi seorang anak bernama Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin dengan ibu kesayangannya, Maseriah Binti Mohd. Diah ketika balik ke rumah 2 hari yang lalu, kerana demam yang teruk. mekaceyh mak! ^^,

March 15, 2009

Hancur Luluh Hati Izham : Tiada Siapa-Siapa Ambil Kisah

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terima kasih kepada siapa-siapa insan di muka bumi ini yang sudi membaca blog yang tak seberapa ini. aku sedih. aku kecewa. pilu, sayu hati aku pagi ini. 16 Mac 2009. 7:30 pagi. aku bangun, dengan keadaan badan aku yang masih lagi tak berapa sembuh dari demam sejak 4 hari lepas. aku tabahkan diri, kuatkan semangat, aku tahankan kesejukan pagi yang bermaharajalela dalam bilik air A4-03-07. ya, pagi yang sejuk. suhu badan aku yang masih sedikit panas ini berlawan-lawan dengan kesejukan air paip yang menusuk hingga ke tulang sum-sum. tak apa, aku tahankan juga. aku perlu kuat. biarlah kepala aku sakit, berdenyut-denyut, mata aku rasa macam nak terkeluar sebab panas dalam kepala, kaki dan tangan aku yang sedikit menggigil sebab kesejukan, aku tak hiraukan langsung semua itu. aku kuatkan semangat untuk menempuh hari ini, hari aku akan menghadapi impromptu speech aku bersama Mr. Kuru, kuiz fizik, dan entah apa-apa lagi. biarlah aku tak begitu sihat, aku tetap nak pergi.


betapa luluh, pilu, kecewanya hati aku, patah semangat aku, hilang motivasi diri aku, bila aku perasan, kasut kesayangan aku tiada di tempatnya. Ya Rabbi, mana perginya kasut aku? siapa pula yang curi ini? aku nak pergi kelas, tolonglah. aku merayu. pulangkanlah kasut aku. dah la aku tengah demam macam ini, kasut pula kena curi. aku bukan banyak duit, kaya, berada macam kawan-kawan aku yang lain, boleh ada kasut lain-lain 2 3 pasang. kasut itu sajalah aku ada, abah aku belikan dekat kedai Bundle Z dengan harga RM60. tolonglah, abah aku belikan untuk aku pakai dekat sini, pakai pergi kelas, pergi kuliah, pergi bersukan, pergi keluar mana-mana tempat yang perlu kelihatan kemas walaupun tak formal. bukan untuk dicuri. tolonglah. apa aku nak jawab dengan mak abah aku kalau mereka tahu kasut itu hilang? mana aku nak cari duit beli baru? tolonglah. aku merayu. harta aku bukan banyak. kasut lama macam itu pun sanggup dicuri. tolonglah, aku merayu. kasihankanlah aku. sampai hati pencuri itu curi kasut aku. hancur luluh hati dan perasaan aku pagi ini. sampai hati. sampai hati.

sampai hati...

sampai hati......

sampai hati.............

SAMPAI HATI CURI KASUT AKU............................................

Daydreaming : Nightdreaming : Do Cats Dream ?

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err. anybody knows what cat dreams about? i've found some interesting website telling about our pets possible dreams, and most of the website i've surfed tells that cats usually dreams about chasing its prey in its little dream world, while we in the real world can see his whiskers and paws quivering, tail twitching, or his mouth open and closed several times, just like having his meal after days of running food. ^^,

and i've just finished watching this silly video, showing a cat in his owner's lap having what i thought to be a real sweet dream, as he move his paws like pulling something to himself, and opened and closed his mouth several times, like what i've wrote before, having a meal. =)


oh no, i still not done anything with my physics tutorial @ assignment. dem, how am i going to finish it if only several hours left, plus my sleeping time. i don't want my day tomorrow ruined by waking up so late. ishk2. ehh2, peah already finished it. haha. peah, mau copy, can r? can r? can laa....

wish me luck with my english speech tomorrow. hope i won't have a scrambled-words-speech too. ^_^

March 13, 2009

Saya Tak Sihat

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saya demam. saya sakit kepala. saya selsema. saya sakit mata.

bila lah saya nak elok nih. sakit betul badan bila kena macam ini.
nak buat tugasan fizik pun tak larat.

March 10, 2009

Is This A Car Radiator Or A PC ?

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wonder what are all these photos about? guess what,it's about cooling your own pc. yeah. it's kinda insane,and a true wallet-hole-burner. but who cares when you can turn your pc into something that not all people can do, making your pc speed exceeds the clock speed by 300%?
pic with the bottle uses oil cooling for the system, and with large black tube uses dry ice, while in the snowy container pictures, it uses liquid nitrogen for its cooling mechanism ( cools down the processor to -125 degree celcius )that speeds up the pc from 2.4 GHz to 6.12GHz. err, i know not everyone reading this actually understand or interested at all in these things.

ouh,by the way, these people used such cooling for controlling the cpu temperature after overclocking. i've tried overclock my own pc,and the temperature increased to nearly 100 degree celcius. boot for about ten seconds, then crash. haha. XD

i really need new cooling system for doing this pc modding thingy. anyone can buy me a liquid coolant? ^^,

oh, what is overclocking? google it.

March 9, 2009


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oh,what a 'wonderful' weekends. no special activities, no extra asset, no extra food, no err......
but one thing for sure.
its my new keyboard, as the old one just came into cracked keyboard when I throw it on the wall yesterday. haha. what's the point,anyway. it's broken, and no longer usable.

it goes nut while I'm chatting with one of my friends in YM, and the results; try-to-repair-but-turned-worse incident. the letter 'A', 'Q' and 'Z' was not functioning, so I've tried to repair it, in case there's any dust or anything intercepting the sensor. but after 'cleaning', all the keys was not functioning, and made me think it deserves a throw on the wall. err. ( i'm in a very bad mood yesterday )

ok,that's enough.

March 7, 2009

Amanah - Mid Valley Megamall - Simpang Danau Kota - BRJ - NZ - Amanah

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siaran tertunda - oleh kerana apa dikatakan talian internet yang merapu, serta apa dikatakan dengan simptom hilangnya-mood-untuk-menulis, maka terlambatlah pula apa dikatakan dengan blog-blog baru yang saya rasa patut ditulis buat anda di luar sana yang sedang tekun membaca nukilan jari-jemari dari hati sang manusia yang lemah di muka bumi ini. ( termasuk percubaan memahami apa-apa yang ditulis di sini )

berita seterusnya - jam 10.00 malam - keberangkatan penghuni-penghuni rumah bernombor A4-03-07 dan A4-03-09 ke Mid Valley Megamall bermula. objektif misi : menonton wayang lewat malam, ronda-ronda di Danau Kota, dan makan-makan di BRJ atau NZ yang terletak di Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. pengangkutan disediakan oleh diri sendiri dan rakan-rakan seperjuangan pada malam tersebut.

namun demikian, hasrat dan objektif kami tidak dapat dipenuhi sepenuhnya, disebabkan oleh apa dikatakan kesempitan waktu. ronda-ronda di Danau Kota terpaksa ditunda ke waktu akan datang yang lebih sesuai, lalu dari Mid Valley Megamall, kami bergerak ke BRJ untuk mengambil satu lagi peronda malam, seterusnya ke NZ untuk menjamu selera. jam menunjukkan - pukul 3.00 pagi.

untung dan berkat rezeki yang ada, juadah kami pada malam itu ditaja oleh salah seorang ahli kami, seterusnya menjadikan kami lega hati dan senang diri kerana kekenyangan. pukul 4.17 pagi - pulang ke Amanah, Uniten, Lebuhraya Kajang-Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Krew-krew Peninjau Lebuhraya Dan Mid Valley, 8 Mac 2009

-Espada ( pemandu yang demam )
-Qayyum ( our meal sponsor )
-Rohaizat ( maaf andai tersalah eja atau nama )
-Pelajar ( maaf, nama tak dapat dikesan )
-Dan mereka-mereka yang tak disebut di sini ( jika ada )


Disediakan oleh,
( Mohamad Izham )

March 4, 2009

Luxurious Time Beyond Imagination

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1. Go to your photo folder in your computer
2. Go to the 6th folder of photos
3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge.
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged..

from left :

-mike agogo @ cikgu suraya
-adam apd
-zaid @ christiano 'black'


it was friday, and we all supposed to wear baju melayu. and at the time this picture was taken, i was just woke up from my sleep on the chairs arrange as a bed, while the teachers have gone for meeting about 3 luxurious hours for us, student. and it was just 3 weeks before SPM too.

people that i want to do this silly tag.
1. mr kuru
2. pn zarina
3. pn roslina
4. miss siti sarah
5. miss azlina
6. hanif boss
( err, do all these peoples have blog? )

March 3, 2009

Malam Ini : Sup Campbell's Pujaan Ramai

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"MTAF ye, bukan MATF, kat situ memang boleh konfius ckit, jadi jangan tersalah, ok?". Begitulah sedikit cebisan dari luahan isi hati dan perut Mr. Zin kepada kami, pelajar-pelajar UNITEN Tercinta pabila menghadiri kelas pertama subjek Kor Uniten. oh, meriah sungguh. gelak tawa di sana sini, dan ramai bersyukur tidak memilih Mr. Zubir sebagai penceramah @ pencaci @ peluah bahasa-bahasa kasar yang begitu indah, tersusun dan mengikut nada tinggi rendahnya yang jitu kepada mereka. tapi, gundah gulana di hati ini tiada siapa-siapa yang tahu, apatah lagi mengambil kisah mahupun tauladan. ( sesi merapu kembali selepas ini )


"err, saya tina. awak?"

"saya izham. panggil am sudeyh."

"huish,ijat! daus! haha! budak puchong bersama aku."

"am,kau jadi sarjan lah, boleh? ala, kau jela yang jadi."

"err, tak apa ke aku jadi nih? boleh ke aisyah? ( hati yang vibrate 101% meningkat kepada 203.5% ketika bertentang mata dengannya buat beberapa kali )"

"ok, apis, kau jadi koperal. daus, kau nak kan? yang lain nak tak? ke setuju je?"

"ok lah tu. sape nama kau tadi, am ek?"



tenangkan diri. kemas bilik dulu ( dari ahad baju dan seluar bergumpal-gumpal atas katil ). selak-selak buku kalkulus dan kimia dulu. kalau boleh dengan fizik sekali, baru relaks. jangan jadi macam semalam. ok. MTAF = keletihan melampau bersama lab kimia dan fizik yang semakin menekan kalbu dan jiwa nurani sang pelajar yang lemah.

tolonglah Mr. Kuru, bagi lah excuse. saya lapar.



p/s : tiada kaitan dengan tajuk di atas.

March 1, 2009

Disagree - Please

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Because of the amazingly, great great boringness of nothing to do, this boy named Izham have taken his risk to do this immesively long, stupidly ask, outrages tag. Well, at least you can find something useful and 'worth-a-try' facts here about the boy.So try not to skip anything, or you would have a great, horrible and unforgettable nightmare about Hermione playing around with Crumple-Horned Snorkack behind Harry who would find the Horcruxes to be a very funny thing to play around, and Ron's attic ghoul in the Burrow laughing at them while having a tea with Voldemort and the Dementors,as well as Dumbledore having a dance with Bellatrix Lestranges and Narcissa Malfoy.

001. Real name -- Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin
002. Nickname(s) -- am, arm, izham, iz (prohibited!)
003. Zodiac sign -- libra
004. Male or female -- male
005. Elementary school -- Tadika Kemas Bt. 12, Puchong
006. Primary school -- SK Puchong Perdana, Selangor
007. High school -- SMK Puchong Perdana & SM Teknik Kuala Lumpur
008. Hair colour -- black
009. Long or short -- average
010. Loud or quiet -- in the middle ( why would u even need to be loud even in d fon? )
011. Sweats or jeans -- both
012. Phone or camera -- both...
013. Health freak -- i'm not a freak
014. Drink or smoke -- but i value my health
015. Do you have a crush on someone -- crush? that would be painful
016. Eat or drink -- eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink
017. Piercings -- hmmm
018. Tattoos -- i'm not a living art

019. Been in airplanes -- no
020. Been in a relationship -- yeah, and screwed them all up
021. Been in a car accident -- no, but motorcycle
022. Been in a fish fight -- i don't remember

023. Piercings -- dunno
024. First best friend -- Mohamad Fauzi Bin Mahmud ( 5 years old till present )
025. First award -- err. Sukan Tahunan SKPP : lari dalam guni ?
026. First crush -- ha2, darjah 2
028. First big vacation -- never


029. Person you talked to -- my dad. "Jalan elok2 abah. Kang gi keje pn sama"
030. Person you texted to -- don't remember. last time sms was almost 2 weeks ago.
031. Person you watched a DVD with -- my pc don't have dvd driver
032. Food you ate -- biskut nenas
033. Movie you watched alone -- don't remember
034. Song you listened to -- the devil wears prada - rosemarry had an accident
035. Thing you bought -- Ramly Tempura Chicken Nugget
036. Person you hugged -- i only have my bantal peluk

037. Food -- my mum's cook, nasi goreng cina gerai bawah flat saya, roti canai kat Pantai Dalam
038. Drinks -- skyjuice, teh tarik, teh ais, drinkable drink
039. Clothing -- anything that suits
040. Flower -- all
042. Colours -- white, black, dark brown, purple, red
043. Movies -- any movie would do
044. Subjects -- programming and web design

IN 2008, I...
045. kemalangan jalanraya
046. work in KFC
047. buy my own smartphone with my 1st salary
048. experienced my 1st surgery in my life
049. tulang besi di tangan kiri
050. eat using leg
051. dating my 1st true love
052. and break up with her months later
053. lost opportunity to have YTN scholarship
054. and ended up with promotion in Unimap,Perlis in Microelctronic Enggineering
055. apply Uniten, and success
056. play around a lot even i was supposed to study
057. and ended up with terrible results
058. make lot of friends, and also go everywhere a lot
059. 3 sleepless night for the exam
060. become so 'emo', n extraordinaly stupid
061. walk from Uniten to my house in Puchong ( almost 4+ hours )
062. say rude words a lot ( i hate it! )
063. and learned the correct way to speak
064. exhausted
065. had a dinner in a restaurant in kajang, and ended up with d bill for about RM 151.50
066. 'sleepless' period for my pc

067. Eating -- biskut nenas
068. Drinking -- air masak
069. I'm about to -- black out
070. Listening to -- yellowcard - way away
071. Plans for today -- unpacked all my stuff
072. Waiting for -- tomorrow morning, the next morning, and the other next morning...................................
073. Want kids -- later with my lovely wife
074. Want to get married -- when i finally success to make my own life much more precious to share with my love than now
075. Careers in mind -- working with TNB ( err..... )

076. Lips or eyes -- eyes
077. Shorter or taller -- shorter. the more the better. ( haha )
078. Romantic or spontaneous -- both
079. Nice stomach or nice arm -- both too
080. Sensitive or loud -- not in the list
081. Hook-up or relationship -- what is a hook-up? ( haha )
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant -- i can play the 1st role ( haha )

083. Lost glasses/contacts -- yeah. lost it in the sea at Port Dickson
084. Snuck out of your house -- sometimes in desperate
085. Held a gun/knife for self-defense -- no. but play a lot with knife
086. Killed somebody -- absolutely no
087. Broken someone's heart -- yeah, a lot ( so keep your heart away from me )
088. Been arrested -- by my Guru Disiplin in SMKPP for vandalism and bully ( kids do the darndest thing )
089. Cried when someone died -- yeah, when my great-great grandfather died

090. Yourself -- yup2
091. Miracles -- of course
092. Love at first sight -- absolutely
093. Heaven -- no doubt about it
094. Santa Claus -- nonsense
095. Sex on the first date -- if ur date is a................. ( find it urself )
096. Kiss on the first date -- that's not so nice

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now -- yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life -- life is full of sad and happiness
099. Do you believe in God -- absolutely, and no doubt about it ( stupid Scientology )

100. Post a '100 truths' and tag 12 people
anyone wanna do just do it....
- my cat
-my grandma's hen
-my dad's mesin rumput
-my mum's mesin jahit
-my sis's handphone
-my lil bro's computer
-my friend's speaker
-my cousin's motorcycles
-my future car
-my future handphone
-my future motorcycle
-my future wife

Next Year's Fool

12 ulasan
Rumors : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows is a two-part movie?

no way!!

Televisyen Itu Indah

4 ulasan
oh, kembali ke pangkuan sekolah. err. sekolah?
seronok rasanya bila dah balik, dengan keputusan yang agak memberangsangkan, dan trim 3 yang menanti dengan penuh kesabaran sebelum ini. agak merapu bila dah lama tak sentuh huruf-huruf ajaib atas papan keyboard ini. tambah-tambah di rumah asyik dengan televisyen,adik-adik yang kurang faham bahasa ibunda bila disuruh buat kerja,serta kehabisan kredit telefon yang kini masih lagi tidak ditambah semula. tapi lagi seronok rasanya bila menonton berita utama di tv3.

bak kata seorang manusia bernama Mr. Kapal ini,
"itu celaka pemuda #$%^! pemuda @#$^ yang hantar ini #$%^&^. celaka!"

dan anaknya pula turut mengikut jejak langkah bapanya,
namun dibidas oleh mereka-mereka yang 'bersimpati' dengan mereka
"puchong buat takpa?! ha! puchong buat takpa?!"


err, bila pulak aku berkecimpung dalam dunia 'hiburan negara' nih?
nanti komen lebih-lebih,saya disaman. oh tidak!
PTPTN bagi pnjaman pun tak cukup buat belanja belajar.
tolonglah jangan bawa saya ke muka 'pengadilan'.

bukan apa,tapi mereka ini bukan wakil kami kah? atau sekadar datang ke 'mesyuarat' hanya untuk provokasi, konfrontasi, kutukan dan tohmahan,diiringi lepasan kata-kata yang melalut dan tak tentu arah, bak kata jiran nenek saya,
"cakap pora-pora-pora, tapi satu kerja pun tada buat. cit podah!"

sudah lah,lantak pi la nak buat pa pong.

sampai satu hari ini, mak aku tiba-tiba bersuara dengan suara yang lantang lagi jelas, ketika aku sibuk menyibukkan diri untuk menghadap telefon yang sibuk aku tekan-tekan punat nombor-nombornya dalam usaha yang sungguh melecehkan. kenapa telefon bimbit aku ingatan RAM nya rendah sangat? sampai nak buka novel Harry Potter pun lembab. baling ke dinding nanti,menyesal tak sudah pula.

oh,aku merapu terlalu jauh.

mak aku bersuara,
"bertuah punya anak, kenapa Wan letak gigi wan kat tepi tv nih? dah patah pegi la tanam kat depan tuh."

dan Wan ternyata adalah seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berumur 11 tahun.


siap sedia, saya lapar, saya pening, dan jangan dekati minda saya buat masa yang terdekat.