March 1, 2009

Disagree - Please

Because of the amazingly, great great boringness of nothing to do, this boy named Izham have taken his risk to do this immesively long, stupidly ask, outrages tag. Well, at least you can find something useful and 'worth-a-try' facts here about the boy.So try not to skip anything, or you would have a great, horrible and unforgettable nightmare about Hermione playing around with Crumple-Horned Snorkack behind Harry who would find the Horcruxes to be a very funny thing to play around, and Ron's attic ghoul in the Burrow laughing at them while having a tea with Voldemort and the Dementors,as well as Dumbledore having a dance with Bellatrix Lestranges and Narcissa Malfoy.

001. Real name -- Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin
002. Nickname(s) -- am, arm, izham, iz (prohibited!)
003. Zodiac sign -- libra
004. Male or female -- male
005. Elementary school -- Tadika Kemas Bt. 12, Puchong
006. Primary school -- SK Puchong Perdana, Selangor
007. High school -- SMK Puchong Perdana & SM Teknik Kuala Lumpur
008. Hair colour -- black
009. Long or short -- average
010. Loud or quiet -- in the middle ( why would u even need to be loud even in d fon? )
011. Sweats or jeans -- both
012. Phone or camera -- both...
013. Health freak -- i'm not a freak
014. Drink or smoke -- but i value my health
015. Do you have a crush on someone -- crush? that would be painful
016. Eat or drink -- eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink
017. Piercings -- hmmm
018. Tattoos -- i'm not a living art

019. Been in airplanes -- no
020. Been in a relationship -- yeah, and screwed them all up
021. Been in a car accident -- no, but motorcycle
022. Been in a fish fight -- i don't remember

023. Piercings -- dunno
024. First best friend -- Mohamad Fauzi Bin Mahmud ( 5 years old till present )
025. First award -- err. Sukan Tahunan SKPP : lari dalam guni ?
026. First crush -- ha2, darjah 2
028. First big vacation -- never


029. Person you talked to -- my dad. "Jalan elok2 abah. Kang gi keje pn sama"
030. Person you texted to -- don't remember. last time sms was almost 2 weeks ago.
031. Person you watched a DVD with -- my pc don't have dvd driver
032. Food you ate -- biskut nenas
033. Movie you watched alone -- don't remember
034. Song you listened to -- the devil wears prada - rosemarry had an accident
035. Thing you bought -- Ramly Tempura Chicken Nugget
036. Person you hugged -- i only have my bantal peluk

037. Food -- my mum's cook, nasi goreng cina gerai bawah flat saya, roti canai kat Pantai Dalam
038. Drinks -- skyjuice, teh tarik, teh ais, drinkable drink
039. Clothing -- anything that suits
040. Flower -- all
042. Colours -- white, black, dark brown, purple, red
043. Movies -- any movie would do
044. Subjects -- programming and web design

IN 2008, I...
045. kemalangan jalanraya
046. work in KFC
047. buy my own smartphone with my 1st salary
048. experienced my 1st surgery in my life
049. tulang besi di tangan kiri
050. eat using leg
051. dating my 1st true love
052. and break up with her months later
053. lost opportunity to have YTN scholarship
054. and ended up with promotion in Unimap,Perlis in Microelctronic Enggineering
055. apply Uniten, and success
056. play around a lot even i was supposed to study
057. and ended up with terrible results
058. make lot of friends, and also go everywhere a lot
059. 3 sleepless night for the exam
060. become so 'emo', n extraordinaly stupid
061. walk from Uniten to my house in Puchong ( almost 4+ hours )
062. say rude words a lot ( i hate it! )
063. and learned the correct way to speak
064. exhausted
065. had a dinner in a restaurant in kajang, and ended up with d bill for about RM 151.50
066. 'sleepless' period for my pc

067. Eating -- biskut nenas
068. Drinking -- air masak
069. I'm about to -- black out
070. Listening to -- yellowcard - way away
071. Plans for today -- unpacked all my stuff
072. Waiting for -- tomorrow morning, the next morning, and the other next morning...................................
073. Want kids -- later with my lovely wife
074. Want to get married -- when i finally success to make my own life much more precious to share with my love than now
075. Careers in mind -- working with TNB ( err..... )

076. Lips or eyes -- eyes
077. Shorter or taller -- shorter. the more the better. ( haha )
078. Romantic or spontaneous -- both
079. Nice stomach or nice arm -- both too
080. Sensitive or loud -- not in the list
081. Hook-up or relationship -- what is a hook-up? ( haha )
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant -- i can play the 1st role ( haha )

083. Lost glasses/contacts -- yeah. lost it in the sea at Port Dickson
084. Snuck out of your house -- sometimes in desperate
085. Held a gun/knife for self-defense -- no. but play a lot with knife
086. Killed somebody -- absolutely no
087. Broken someone's heart -- yeah, a lot ( so keep your heart away from me )
088. Been arrested -- by my Guru Disiplin in SMKPP for vandalism and bully ( kids do the darndest thing )
089. Cried when someone died -- yeah, when my great-great grandfather died

090. Yourself -- yup2
091. Miracles -- of course
092. Love at first sight -- absolutely
093. Heaven -- no doubt about it
094. Santa Claus -- nonsense
095. Sex on the first date -- if ur date is a................. ( find it urself )
096. Kiss on the first date -- that's not so nice

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now -- yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life -- life is full of sad and happiness
099. Do you believe in God -- absolutely, and no doubt about it ( stupid Scientology )

100. Post a '100 truths' and tag 12 people
anyone wanna do just do it....
- my cat
-my grandma's hen
-my dad's mesin rumput
-my mum's mesin jahit
-my sis's handphone
-my lil bro's computer
-my friend's speaker
-my cousin's motorcycles
-my future car
-my future handphone
-my future motorcycle
-my future wife


fakhruddin said...

haha macam mana ko makan guna kaki?
hebat2... ^^,

arm said...

aku suap gune sudu r,ltak kat kaki.
da tuh,tangan aku 2-2 patah.


heqing said...

the shorter the better?

abt the accident thing...
really scary...
and ur photo at myspace...

arm said...

uve seen the photo?
nice,isn't it?


well,to me short girls are much more cuter than the taller 1.
and u r short.



heqing said...

nt think so....
wen i c it i oso cn feel the pain...

i'll nt be taller anymore...
mayb de next 4 yrs u'll c me still maintain lik now...

p/s:is tat means me oso cute? kakaka...XD

arm said...

i dont noe.
no komen.