July 16, 2009

Onomatomania : Errrr......

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so i do have onomatomania, which is desire to repeat certain words.
how come i have this obsession. lol.
. ."

It's an obsession with certain words and the repeated intrusion of them into the mind.

July 15, 2009

Lover's Requiem

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it's been kinda weird lately. and i thought i must have done something wrong to the wrong person in the wrong moment. i've said sorry, but they neglect it with so much hatred in me.
days and nights, slipping through the gap carrying big regret within thy heart.

yes, i don't know you.

nor your life either.

yes, i don't hate you.

nor i like you either.

between heart and mind, between love and fake encouragement, between you and me.

i know that i am the first runner up in your dislikes list, and i like it to be that way.

i don't know why my soul hardening real fast in the past few moments, nor i don't even know

why you keep pushing it through the limits.

big lie never ends.

small lie will never lost its way.

days will show its darkness.

while the dark will reveal its shine.

i paste this sorry, so you would be comfort after all these misery. i paste this regret, so you

would be better and never felt the hurt again. i leave you with these memories, so you will
remember it like i did. nothing stands forever, and nothing sits long life ever.

xoxoxo -

just expressing out my thoughts in form of words and phrases. heh, i am a troublesome guy, isn't it? always being such emotional and stuff. ^_^_^ nevermind. thanks for reading it by the way.
in case you didn't understand it, just take it as a poem, or scrap essay, or anything that you like. =)


July 14, 2009

Coming Back From The End

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assalamualaikum. and good day to all my friends ( and whoever reading this no matter we know each other or not ). it's so long since my last post. and there's so many things that changed through the time. i don't know where to start. but maybe its better if i start with my current progress in my study. ( suddenly feel like writing a formal english essay ^_^ )

i'm a degree student now. bachelor in electrical and electronic enggineering [Hons.]( do i spell the last word correctly? ). my mom keep asking me "what is Hons?"
i also don't have any idea what it is actually, but maybe that stands for honors.
hah, honor in bachelor program? i hope i can really get that "honor", not just pass the program with fake "honor". err, i mean pass with great pointer. my pointer for the last trimester foundation program was really bad. its not just bad, but novelty and tragically bad. worse, whatever word that fits. 2.3 or actually 2.29. i finally realise that i've been really dumba** back in foundation, and don't even really care about my studies. tell everyone wanna study, but then stuck with downloading this and that. plus mys**ce and tag*ed, most of my free time was spent on surfing these social websites, trying to find new gf. blarh~~~~~ >.<

so now i have to stop these nonsense. yeah, its quite impossible to totally reject all these habit, surfing and wasting my precious time on something stupid. ( i thought i've said this before in older posts ). but i'm trying my best now to get most of my time on my studies. with much more weird subjects like DE and static that coming up next semester, i really have to torture my mind, keep blasting it with anti-wasting-time-homing-missile......

i missed my friends. zulbrodon, shafiq espada, mr ferooq, yuris, wan fallen, hotshot7, arif razwan, poji tank, and few others that i can't remember right now. huhu, my tummy finally release its next hungry-song. can someone tell me how to keep my stomach filled up without eating?
i can't keep on going with my current asset flowing like water pouring out from the tap.
oh, btw my muet results was good. to me, its really good. i got band 4, and thats great. now my mom can stop asking me about these muet-result-thing......

i still didn't take my driving license, and my motorcycle license. don't know when is the right time to take all these. my current budget also doesn't allows me to take those license.
( i'm in merapu mode now )

better stop right now.

i'm in cendi. and the fees *****! ^_^"