April 21, 2009

Bila Perut Menyanyi

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April 20, 2009

Hari Ini Saya Dapat ....

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hari ini.

-saya beli RAM lappy baru
-saya dapat tau orang yang mkn roti canai byk sgt, blh kne obesiti cpt, darah tinggi, mcm2 perkara lain.
-saya dapat tau orang yg mkn nasi lemak byk sgt pun, blh pendek umur sebab masalah jantung dan kencing manis, darah tinggi turut terselit.
-saya dapat tau keadaan sosial saya sekarang dah berubah, lantak pi la. ang nak buat pa kat aku, nak sisihkan aku ka, itu ang punya pasai, aku xnak amek tau.
-saya dapat rasa ketenangan hati kembali bila sejak kebelakangan nih rasa macam orang takde arah tuju.
-saya dapat rasa apa yang best bila sorang2.
-saya kemas bilik saya, sekemas mungkin macam orang nak sambut pengantin. ( err, bilik pengantin lagi sepah rasanya )
-saya dapat berfikir dengan tenang dan waras kembali.
-saya dah tak hirau apa org nak buat kat saya, anda tak puas hati? datang jumpa saya segera dan tumbuk sebiji dimuka, serta nyatakan sebab berbuat demikian, saya xmarah. ( daripada korang yg berkaitan ckp2 belakang. )
-saya buat kuiz fizik dengan hampeh sekali.

ok, itu saja.

April 17, 2009

I'm Home, And I Bought You Some Souvenir

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assalamualaikum. and good evening, morning, night or whatever condition it is for you right now. it's been so long since i've wrote my last post here, in blogger. and that last post also is the main cause, why did i deleted this blog, i mean, my blog. but nevermind.
now i'm here again. with much passion to write, with much interest to read, and with much pleasure to think and and think, and keep my mind busy, from what used to be a great achievement in my life, and now turned into something that really bothers me alot.

i'm so sorry. especially to heqing, for what happened between both of us, and to my fellow friends, for being silent from all of you, keeping myself away from all of you. yes, maybe i'm quarantining myself. i don't want to be rude to all of you. i don't want to be as emo as you may know me before. yep, i admit it. i am a very unstabled-emotion person. very unstabled. i've tried to change this negative value inside of me, but it seems harder than what i thought to be as easy as breaking a glass. i'm trying hard, really hard. and now i've managed to control it. after such a long time, separating myself from all of you.

my life now. err. if simplified, lets just say, that i walk alot now. ALOT. and i goes to upten almost everynight this week, as well as the lake too. ( guess what i'm doing there, from 8pm to 4.30 am ).

haha. when i read back my own last post, i laughed. i don't know why. but the prospect that i'm loving my laptop more than myself and people around me is a bit selfishness, and err... i can't find the suitable words for it.

ok, i'm new now. much better, i bet so. and i've found my own strength through all these problems and difficulties. and i'm willing, that i can be as close with all of you like before. ahh. so many works to be done. informative speech, MUET tests, tutorials, quizes..hurm, but what can i do, this is life. all of you having it to right now, am i right? oh, i better go and take shower now. its already near the afternoon. XDD

have a nice day, friends. =)

April 1, 2009

My New Workspace

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my new workspace. no more bulky cpu. no more crt monitor.
instead, a laptop. Compaq.
yay. thanks dad.
ouh, and all this cost me about extra RM400. why?
i'll tell you later.

my new sweetheart, Compaq N Toty. ( ha? )