August 8, 2011

Chipsless Cookies

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Ahhh, what a day. And. what a blog. Last update since when, like forever? Meh. 
Cis, macam sengal je starting post nih. Nevermind, aku mengantuk, letih, risau, stress, nasib ada jewtube boleh relaks-relaks sambil dengar whispering :D

Blog ni dalam status on hold. Mati taknak, hidup menyegan tak tentu hala. Yang berkurun-kurun punya post pun ada lagi, what the hell. Nevermind, ni quick post for those yang still lagi singgah this ICU'd blog. ICU? Tak rasa macam masuk ICU pun, sebab still tak terjaga. By the way, there are certain things that need some clearance, especially my own status. Yeah, I'm single. Why? Lets just say that we didn't work out, and most of it was because of me being a total jerk. No, its not that I cheat, or anything related to betraying her. I never cheat her, nor do I thought of doing it. Things just got shitty, and there was no other way for me to recover it. 

So moving on, here I am, in another crappy semester caused by my humble uni. Finals are just a blink of an eye away, and we still have about 3 more assignments to be done by this Friday. Talking about time management, right admin? :/

Finally, since this was just a quick post intended to update you guys a little bit on my progress in this small lifespan of ours, I'm gonna end it here. This blog need some renovation, and I'll make sure I'll do that after the finals are done :) So do wait.

I wonder if my other friends who was so eager 2 years ago on blogspot still got their blogs up and running, or is it just me the only one being left? :D