March 16, 2009

You Love Me : Sip My Blood From There

and there it was.
the picture of a girl,with her scarf on her shoulder and wrapped around her neck,perhaps too overcome the cold that came from the inside of his heart.
then,above her,she saw it.

the scar.

she try to reach it,neither climb or jumping could make her reach the place,where the dark slit resides on top of the great reddish,almost transparent layer.she want to cure it.the never feels like it would be cured again.

and nor she knows that she is the one who made the painful,yet full of selfishness slit on top of his weak,slow beating heart.she never thought to take even a second from her life,to regret what have her done,and what the feel of having such mark,such painful scar.

if you ever know it,girl.

I'm sure you would never dare to be here right now.


you throw him into the dark,
when you enjoys the warm and bright light from the heart that once loved you before,
and you fetch someone else instead of him,
that have sacrificed everything, even you've never realized what have he done for you,
and you hurt him,
and never thought how would the pain feels if it happened to you instead,

you hurt him,
and you hide your hands,

you stab him from the back,
and you hide your hands,

you punch him in the dark,
and you hide your hands,

you tear his chest apart,
and you hide your hands,

you grab his heart and crush it in your own hands,
and stil,
you hide your hands.

never touch him, or you'll never have even a moment to regret for what you've done,

and in case you did not realized, my dear lovely girl,
that's my blood you sipping from your beautiful little crystal cup.

now think, who have the killing instict, is it me, or you?


heqing said...

are you ok?
i've nothing to say...
just make sure you are ok here...
be strong...

arm said...

just dunno y.
feels like something burning inside my head.


heqing said...

want to put your head under the running water?
i mean shower...
cool down...
do other things to disperse your attention towards this thing...
i know you can do it...

arm said...

actually im hungry.


heqing said...

why just now you didn't follow udin?
he is driving what....
and i think he also plan to have dinner after class...
cz just nw 8 sth i met him kat luar ilmu...

fakhruddin said...

i'm not so sure what to comment and i don't think i will comment more on this post as i'm not so sure what had happened. so it's better for me to just read it. =]

ko jalan kaki ke tadi?

arm said...

tak payah komen pun tak apa.
aku tgh pening.

best an speed writing nih.
1 ari smpai brpe post.

new blogging-craze-man.


aku neyk ngn shafiq.