March 30, 2009

Skyjuicecoffee - Idiotic Game

what happened between us, what caused this changed of heart
i just want to know what happened, cause its tearing me apart and
i hide my feelings from you,
cause i want you to be happy again...

its to love you im being stupid (drop dead i know you loath me)
its to love i bleed my dream (you breaking my heart so hard)
its to love you i wont break your heart (step back look what u did to me)
its to love i drove myself nut (each seconds im praying for you)

runaway, runaway
why you were running away
im defy to do anything for you
should you stay,be with me
im ready to go resurrect the vitality back through

so hear me now, cause i will tell you the truth
i wont let you down, never ever crossed in my mind
so tell me now, u know i care for you.
i wont bring you down, never-ever crossed in my mind
love me, love me now!

love is something wonderful,and im glad to love u like i do
cause i pray, i cry and i'll die for you
comeback to me, comeback to me now
this is my stupid lovelife, too hard too tough to justify
cause im down,im weak and im dying too
comeback to me,comeback to me now!

trust me, look into my eyes are filled with glass of falling tears
forgive me, forget it all..
my love give full sensation,.dont take it all away
our love is full of question, dont ruin it all today..

blabla..blabla.,. hahah


song that comes along with me through all my hard times before, now and later.


fakhruddin said...

ok. so touching even though i never heard this song huhu

arm said...

i dunno if u wanna hear d real song or not.
cos d genre is punk rock + a lil bit screamo.

to me,certain part of the song made the hair around my neck stands up, n sumkind of semangat suddnly came into me. XD