November 20, 2008

Hey,This Is For My Friends,Mr. Kudin And The Gang .

Fuuu. . .
what a day. . it feels like i'm juz finishd a 300.234m sprint . .huhu. . plus wif hungry n thirsty,multiply it all by my own eyes tht i'm tink could pop out any moment rite now,mayb finally i need some rest. . but sumtink is wrong,i tink. . or not wrong exctly,but it's not rite. . n yes,i'm need some 'luahan rasa' here. .lolx. . how culd that be?

almost everybody tht knows me knew tht i really hate sleeping. . n i sleep only when hve sum very heavy probs,or extremely exhausted. . diz is a bad thing bout me. . even me also hate it. . but what can i do. . i've tried to sleep,but then. . .. . .

my hand juz reach anything tht i might see in the dark,such as my fon,n start playing 'teet teet teet' wif it . .owh,diz is stupid. . .n sumtimes i feel like there is so much things i can do when i awake,rather than sleep on my hard,messd up bed here. [uniten]. . .n now there's things tht i must done b4 go 4 a nite dream. . very nice dream,other than dreamin bout ija again. . lolx. .

owh,i almost forgot.. hey kudin,u want sum story bout my previous dream,rite?well,it's not tht wonderful or happy ending at all. . n i dun rmmber bout it much now.. .hurm,it's all startd wif me walking in BM or BL [ i dun rmmber ],n then ija juz came by n grab my hand. . .
huu,wonderful feelng at tht time. . (^^, )

n we walk 2gther,climbing the stairs very slow than i'd ever done,while chattng n laughing n 'senyum - senyum' wif each other. . . then,we reach a door tht i've never meet b4 in anywhere around uniten. . finally,what i've seen bhind tht door is syafiq's face with his voice,very loud at my ears shouting,'bangun la woi,da pukul 7.30. . ko tak ada kelas ke?kau kelas pukul berapa?'

thats all. .

n i ended up late in my physics class that morning. . huhu. . . =]

today is already 21/11. . anyone knows when the spm is going 2 finish?i really2 miss my muchuk lar.. huhu. . who's that?hurm,according to what haziq,zul n arif always 'bahan - bahan' me,juz call her 'kura - kura'. . [lolx,y she use tht name. . ]i dun noe y she named herself in myspace as 'kura - kura',but it does't matter. . i'm still really2 miss her..

ishk2. .

ok,already 2 o'clock.. above is a image i managed to create 4 previous 2 days[using photshop. . i juz able to use it 4 basic function only,4 now. . still on learning process]. .it's not very beautiful or stunning. . .juz a very simple graphic . .but bcause of my interest in things like graphics such as this,well,its only bout 50% finishd. . .n jamming my eyes on the CRT monitor screen 4 about 9 hours non-stop,now it's really goin to pop out. . .[owh,sum 1,save my eyes!!it's rollin to the toilet!!!]

nyte.. .key off. .

( . . )


fakhruddin said...

wuhu romantic siot
tp shapik lak kaco

smart gak gamba yg ko edit tuh

kura2? pelik2...

-xarmx- said...

ngahaha. ..
muke shafik disbalik pintu. .

hehe . .

thnx 4 da commnt,mate. .
aku nk improve ag.. =]

ntah,ltak la labi2 ke,tuntung ke,ye x?


heqing said...

ur dream so sweet..
shafiq tu bising je..

ur pix quite nice la...
b4 tis i oso wanna learn how 2 do it...
bt no time...

-xarmx- said...

haha. .
tu la pasal. .
sebok je duduk blakang pintu tuh. .
pastu jerit2 lak tuh. .


ya,thnx heqing. .
i wanna do it nicer,but 4 amaturs like me,it takes much more longer time 2 edit it. .

huhu. .

owh,hve sum1 saved my eyes?


heqing said...

ur eyes????
its really funny when u said
"it's rollin to de toilet..."
y toilet har????

hw to safe it???
i think u have to call ur roomate/housemate go 2 toilet 2 pick up 4 u...

-xarmx- said...

lolx. ..
dun noe. . .
d werd 'toilet' juz flyin into my mind when i wrote tht. . .

so i put toilet.. .

*wonderin if d werd 'upten' or 'coe' juz flyin too. . .huhu