November 1, 2010

Nothing Spectacular

I can't sleep.
I tried, but I can't.
I just can't.
And I wonder, why everyone always see something that they had as not enough.
Not enough.
We need more.
Have you heard the phrase, "less is sometimes more"
and "more can be less"
"enough will be fine"

Sorry, maybe it looks like I made it all up, but trust me, those can be true in real life situation.
If those are not enough, have you ever wonder why people tend to be grateful for whatever they got, while the others just took it for granted?
Human will never felt satisfied for whatever they have.
Now, can you see where did greed come from?
Yes, ungratefulness. They never satisfied, they always want more. 
More is more.
But the truth, enough is usually more.

Can I tell you a secret?
Yes? Great.
What, you can't hear? Let me repeat it.
What's your opinion?
Shouldn't happened? Yeah, I thought the same too.

Does it wait for us? NO!
Instead we always chase it. Or just let it through like no one's business.
Does it care about us? NO!
And sometimes we don't care about it either
Does it know who we are? How big is your place in the company? NO!
So be considerate. Time can give you life. Live can give you time. They need each other.

Does it wait for us? NO!
Instead we're the one who usually waits for it.
Does it care about us? NO!
But the one that give love to others, can feel the warmth of care and support.
Does it know who we are? How big is your place in the company? NO & YES!
Love tend to be blind. But sometimes love can see something that usually we can't see, honesty of a human being.

Being honest is important.
Honest can leave us with a lot of second chances.
By which, we don't call it second chance.
Do you know? Nor do I.

Why do you keep reading?
Because human can't be separated with curiosity.
Be careful.
Curiosity kills the cat.

Oh, we're not even a cat :D

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