October 31, 2010

Just Talking

I love to babble. I love to talk something nonsense in English and Malay. I love to scream along with my songs, which basically hardcore and heavy songs. I love to bath, and do stupid things while in the bathroom. But not fap. I love to see people walk by past me. So making me love to hang out at shopping complex, watching over people, looking at their routine, daily. But I can't, since I'm still a student. Have I said before that I love to babble? Yeah, I sometimes have some difficulties with my short memory loss problem. Well, wasn't all people have the same problem sometimes? When they want to say something, but then got cut out by someone's else voice, screaming and talking, and just forgot about the thing that was in mind. I love to do wall climbing. But I never done it before. But I really love to try it once in my lifetime. Or several times. Or many times. Or every chance that I had when having some free time to spare. I love to eat. I love to see my mom cook Nasi Lemak, especially the Sambal. The aroma would made my mouth feel wet with saliva and enzymes. I love Nasi Lemak. I love my friends, just like I love my laptop. I love my music collections, which now are about 13000 and counting. I love watching movies, but on my cute, little laptop screen. I love to bowl. But I'm not that pro. At least I tried, rather than just watch :)

I love video games too

And I love You, Nur Liyana Inani Binti Zainal 
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