November 12, 2010

I'm Stressed Actually :S

Sabtu. Hari ini hari Sabtu. Kenapa dengan hari Sabtu? Rasanya takde apa yang menarik sangat pun. Just ada majlis politik apa entah kat bawah rumah aku ni. Selain daripada tu, hari ni dia pegi kelas memandu, kredit phone aku dah nak abis ( 10sen ), mak ayah aku balik tanjung karang berdua je, aku mimpi pasal kucing, adik-adik aku dah start cuti hujung tahun, dan lain-lain. See, no extraordinary things at all :S

Post kali ni, aku just nak merepek-repek je. Even though aku tau, almost every post, or you can say that all my post are just a bunch of nonsense babbling here and there. But still, that suits my style of writing perfectly. At least I can describe my feelings comfortably while babbling. Sorry, I just love the word 'babbles'. And yesterday, I've watched Scott Pilgrim VS The World movie for the 24th time. I don't know why, but I just love the movie so much, more than I love Iron Man movie, more than Power Rangers which I watched it on TV ever since I was still a boy with runny nose and picking my mom's flowers for lunch. I just love the characters, especially Ramona V. Flowers. Well, that might give out a clue why did I love to pick my mom's flowers for no reason. Ramona Victoria Flowers. In the movie, her age was not stated, so the audience would be wondering, how old is she. Is she 23, same as Scott? Or 34? Or even 59, which is impossible by the way. 

 OK, this is Ramona V. Flowers, cast by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
from Scott Pilgrim VS The World movie.

Alright, lets get through with it now. Her name, as I mentioned above, was Ramona Flowers. In comics, her name was Ramona V. Flowers, short for Ramona Victoria Flowers. She is 24, same as Scott Pilgrim when she tells him her age. Her birthday was on 1st of January, which is in new year eve, while Scott was somewhere later than that. So basically, she's a few months older than Scott. Her character, from what I can come out with, was practically a cool girl, talk when talked to, and pretty much matured. More matured than Scott, I would say. And she change the color of her hair like every one and a half week, which I can't help myself from loving it.

Ramona Flowers, as in comics by Bryan Lee O'Malley

I have no idea what am I talking about actually. Its just my subconscious mind keeps pushing my fingers to type all these things, including this. So, forgive me for my stupidity, and utter idiocy. 

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