April 29, 2010

I Hate You!!! But Still.....

 Kot ye pun tanak bagitau, don't give a damn hope shit to me.
Kot ye pun nak bagitau, tell me earlier, ok?
Kot ye pun nak seksa aku, thanks and congrats because your fcking plan was a success.
Kot ye pun da ada orang lain, don't be damn nice with me.
Kot ye pun nak tolak aku ke tepi, fcking tell me, please!

Time is cruel, yet it always there for you,
Time won't wait for you, nor would it even think about you,
Love consumes time, no wonder it also cruel,
Love is also blind, and no wonder people in love will always blinded by it.

Takpe la, life must go on. Thanks for everything, fidayu.

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