May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Special Treat

Parents always know what's best for their children. and I'm totally agree with that, even though sometimes their decision clash with ours.
well, to me, certainly there's one thing that my mom and dad wouldn't be wrong with me.

my eating habit.

yesterday I was fasting, continuing my promise to fasting for 10 days in a row. and last day before yesterday, i was breaking my fast with only a drink of skyjuice.
only that, no food.
and the next day, i continue fasting, and it was like " oh, why did I break my fast yesterday without food?" i was so starving, and have to hold on until Maghrib comes in. to hold it, was an issue, and to find something to eat for break fast, was another issue.

then, my mom calls. she said bla bla bla ( so lazy to write the details ) and decided to come and meet me. i told her about my fasting and she was shock. " how can you keep fasting like that? I'm coming to uniten, make sure you don't go anywhere".

so i wait. and when she arrived with my dad, they gave me those food in the picture. hahaha. that means a kenduri. ^_^

2 bungkus of nasi goreng
1 bungkus of fried chicken and an omellete
2 bungkus of doughnuts ( 6 doughnuts each bungkus )
1 bungkus of chicken nuggets ( don't remember how many of them, i just eat it. )
1 packet of choc buns.
1 packet of cookies.
1.5 litre bottle of sarsi with ice ready. XDD
and err..... i don't remember.



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