May 12, 2009

Just A Little Chat With Myself

ok izham. get your head back up again. put all those unnecessary shits aside for a while. err, at least for 4 weeks. than you want to pick it up back, go ahead. now you've got something to taken care of first. wow, you know it already? yeah, its about your final exam. the deadline is less than 3 weeks from now. you wouldn't want it to be too late when you start pushing things back, do you? so get moving! stop messing around, stop thinking about your social life, about girls, about whateve hell it is. those shits you can touch it back after the exam, so keep moving forward. ( drag those shits with you too if you insist to keep those things ). i won't do that if i were you =)


fakhruddin said...

huuuuu final exam dah dekat!!!

arm said...

semestinya makin dekat. haha
study apa pun tak lagi.

abes ah camnih.
abes ah
abes ah.
oh tidak!

chem punya presentation xsiap lagi.