November 24, 2008

For Those Who Book's Die-Hard-Fan

For those who want to find sumthing to read,or clear and messing up their own brain with these novels and short stories story line,surprises,character development,etc.,then contact me. . i have a whole collection of them. . [it's not too much,only bout 47 stories and informative ebooks]. .

well,i'm juz tryin to serve my fellow 'book-addicted' frens. .
or if u want to keep them as a collection,it's up to you. .

juz always credit those who sacrifices their time and energy to publish them. .
[am i doing that?]

here is the list of all the ebooks that i have. . :

1. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
2. harry potter and the chamber of secrets
3. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
4. harry potter and the goblet of fire
5. harry potter and the order of phoenix
6. harry potter and the half-blood prince
7. harry potter and the deadly hallows
8. harry potter hogwarts text book-fantastic beasts and where to find them
9. harry potter hogwarts text book-quidditch through the ages
10. the spiderwick chronicles-the field guide
11. the spiderwick chronicles-the seeing stone
12. the spiderwick chronicles-lucinda's secret
13. the spiderwick chronicles-the ironwood tree
14. the spiderwick chronicles-the wrath of mulgarath
15. 25 hadis dhaif dan maudhu'
16. 100 hadis palsu
17. 100 hadis dhaif dan maudhu'
18. dangerous google-searching for secrets [web hacking]
19. ayat-ayat cinta
20. akademi impiana
21. jokes for all occasions
22. chicken soup for the soul
23. the yellow room
24. underworld survive [learn to survive in ruined and disasterous world]-steal this book
25. goosebumps-monster blood
26. goosebumps-monster blood II
27. goosebumps-monster blood III
28. goosebumps-stay out of the basement
29. goosebumps-welcome to dead house
30. biar beralih waktu
31. rahsia hati
32. bila dua hati berbicara
33. bila mat rempit fall in love
34. aku kecewa dengan orang melayu
35. izinkan aku menjadi suaramu
36. gelora jiwa
37. sayang kamariah
38. mr. cagiva
39. terima kasih
40. kasihku milikmu
41. cintaku selamanya
42. selamat tinggal air mata dunia
43. kerna hidayah
44. aku + nerd
45. derita itu,bahagianya
46. 143-bukan i love you
47. ketulusan kasih

and maybe the list will extend from time to time. .
owh,all are in .pdf format,so u will need adobe acrobat reader to read them. .

or if u have smartphone [such as nokia 7610,n-series,3230,and all phone that using symbian 60 OS],u can ask me for the software that allows you to read these ebooks on ur phone. .

and,it's all of course Free-Of-Charge. .

give me your thumbdrive,and i will trnsfer them. .

thnx for reading,n hepy reading(^^, )


i am a book-addicted person

------------------------------------------------------------------------key off


heqing said...

i finally found someone same as me....
book acdictive....
some of the books i interested la...
after tis jz contact u...

bestnye u gt so many books....
i'll give u de list....
mayb after tat la...
cz so many choice...


-xarmx- said...

haha. .
i thought so. .

hey,mayb i will add up d list, ..
hurm,y dun u try giv me d books u want tht i does't have?

i'll try find it 2nite. . =]


fakhruddin said...

cam interesting je
nnt la tgu aku bli fon br
i-phone sure leh ye x?

kat komp biase leh bukak ah klu de pdf reader?

-xarmx- said...

hehe. . .
i-phone aku xtaw. . .

but aku boleyh usahakan cari software tuh utk i-phone. . .

yup2,adobe reader. .
ala,ko xde pape ko minx je kat aku. .
almost sume software yg basic2 aku ade installer die. .


faqiha said...

wah ayt2 cinte pun die ade
dlm byk2 uh sy plg suke bce chicken suop.. best amat2

-xarmx- said...

yup2. .
but jumpa chkn soup utk teen jerk. .
t nak cri tuk couples n parents lak. .