November 18, 2008

Come And See What I've Found

Assalamualaikum. .

i welcome myself to this new environment now. . .b4 diz ive tried to be in d graphics artists n designers,but failed. . n then i taught i can make it with blogging. . though my english n grammar r bad. . [or u can say it as too bad. . ]. .at least im tryin than doing nothing. . name : Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin. . born : 1st October 1990. . n u all can cal me arm . .[if u ever meet me. . ]. . .n thnx coz viewing my vry 1st trial. . (^^, ). .

2day,me put meself into vry2 bad cndition. bsepah2. .aku pn xtawu nak terangkan atau luahkn macam mana. .KNP PRLU AKU JELES?KNP PERLU AKU BENGANG?

quiz physics aku hancus. .n im exctly hve no idea what it's all about. .finding elctric field?[r my spelling correct?]4 wat?hurm,mayb skng aku tak tau lagi ape gunanya benda alah kajian manusia tuh,but it's really driving me mad. .

am i really good at graphics?am i really2 good in elctrical physics?
or am i actually really2 good in literatures n stuff like tht,juz because i never realise it?sumtimes i taught,my true heart is not in enggineering. .but now it's too late. .nothing can be done to reverse the thing tht ive choose n decided. .nk buat macam mana. .

smlm aku knl sorg gurl,named nurzati nabilah. . n she makes me realise what r my limits,what r my weak,n what really is me. . .myself. . i've been really2 jealous wif her,on how beautiful n nice graphics she's done. . n it very2 encourages me to try n made sumthing tht can compete wif her work. . [i also admired her beauty. .lolx. .]but now i knew,tht it takes so much time to learn n improve. .so much work to be done. .
plus,my own disasterous study,probs wif my own heart n feelings. . probs bout money,n my very bad health condition. . [always have a headache n fever],its does't worth it. . i dun 1 2 sacrifice my study juz 4 making very colourful,awesome graphics,including neglecting my own health. . .tht's what i tink n set in my mind now. . i want to make my mom n dad proud of me,n make my younger sister n brothers knew tht they have a very2 good,smart,n very handsome looking brother like me. . duh,diz is going to be tuff. . .[really?]

huhu,so hungry. . my weight now r dcreasing. . only my fwen n u tht read diz blog thing[huh?] knew tht i have a very2 high metabolism. . what do u tink when a skinny person like me can eat bout 8 burgers at a time,or bout 12 roti canai in 1 plate. . huhu,well,mayb sum people may tink tht this is good,as this can make ur body harder to bcome fatter or chubby than u r now. .but it also made me hungry n thirsty very quickly. . huhu. . enuff la. .

so,now i gonna make a change in my mind,my heart,n my life.. .it's not a change like ive done b4 in my previous high skewl. . [i'd set my mind to hate women.. huhu]lolx. . .

btter be my ownself,know my ownself limits,what im strong in,n what can n can't. .

huhu,2nite goin to do tutorial chem. . nyte2. . .


heqing said...

welcome 2 blogspot...

im de 1st person 2 comment abt ur post...

b urself and noe who u actually are...
njoy de rest of ur life happily...

fakhruddin said...

huhu x payah nak nyesal2
jom kita semua berusaha
gambatte!! huuu~

eleh he qing,
i'm the da second person
a bit proud oso haha

oh ye, cite la pasal
ko mimpi ngan ija
classmate ko ek?

-xarmx- said...

lolx. . rupa2nyer dikaulah ek pencetus segalanya,kudin?

huhu. . .
anip bgtau aku,kau story telling kt mmbe kite. .. aku mimpi pasal ija. .

it's not fariza adyani lar. .

it's about me n izzatun nadia. .
my fellow classmate. .
huhu. .

owh,n i'm d 3rd person 2 post comment here. .
ngahahaha!(^^, )

neway,thnx heqing n kudin. .