December 17, 2008


Report On Previous Incident

As expected,the problem to Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin's handphone, brand NOKIA 3230 was because of heavy corruption to the internal memory drive of the phone itself,the Drive C: .

But thanks to one of the blogger in the blog community network website,, the problem was finally solved.

Here is the extraction from the blogger's blog :


How to reset/reformat a phone

It worked on All nokia series 60 phones

Nokia-N-gage,Nokia N-gage Qd, Nokia 3650,Nokia 3660,Nokia 6600,Nokia 6620,
Nokia 3230,Nokia 6260,Nokia 6670,Nokia 7610,Nokia 6630,Nokia 6680,Nokia 6681,
Nokia N70,Nokia N90,Nokia 3250

It may happens that a program corrupts the C: drive of your phone. In such case, some data can be lost of course but, more annoying, some applications may not work or work only partially,...

On a Series 60 based phone, two key sequences will allow to restore your phone to a cleaner state:

Normal Reset (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc)

Deep Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.

In both case, the phone will ask you a confirmation and you will have to enter a security code (12345 by default).

Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by these sequences.

Useful helps : Full phone formatting a 6600! Here to let everybody how to perform a Full phone formatting on a 6600! If you encounter situation like below on your 6600, 1. Blank screen phone unable to reboot. 2. Phone only able to boot-up to "Nokia" word screen. 3. Install some program but not able to uninstall it after that. 4. Unable to delete unwanted files on C drive. Do a Full phone formatting on your 6600! as steps below, 1. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery power left. 2. Backup your contacts list and personal files to MMC memory card. 3. Switch-off your 6600 phone. 4. Press and hold 3 keys; Green dial key, * Star key, no. 3 key on keypad and then press the power on/off to swtich on the 6600 phone. Remember, do not let go the 3 press and hold keys until you see a formatting word screen show! 5. After a few minutes when the Full phone formatting completed, your 6600 will back to original system and factory settting.


Credits goes to :

Yours Sincerely,

Mohamad Izham Bin Zainal Abidin

17 DISEMBER 2008



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