November 26, 2008

The Meaning Of ' IZHAM '

i get this from my clasmate's bulletin in Myspace. .n her name is peah. .
dunno where she get it,but it can be fun,finding sumthing secret bhind ur name. .
haha. .

:: CAREFUL! Muslims Are Prohibited From Believing Such Thing As Fortune Telling! ::

juz take this as a break for a while,after stressing ur head so much with homewerks n lab reports. .huhu. .use ur name's letter and match them with the following description for each letter. =]

owh,1 more thing,i've finally made it. .
i've found the meaning of my name. .

in arabic, 'izham' means 'berpegang teguh'. .
i dun rmmber a word in english for 'berpegang teguh'. .
(^^, )
but maybe it has the same meaning with strong stance. . .
below are my name. . .

I: bestt boyfriend or girlfriend
Z: makes dating fun
H: likes someone
A: has a smile to die for =)
M: can be funny and dumb at times

A: has a smile to die for =)
B: is a nerd at times
C: can kick ur butt
D: great friend
E :has beautiful eyes
F: wild and crazy
H: likes someone
I: bestt boyfriend or girlfriend
J: is really sweet
K: gorgeouss
L: very good kisser
M: can be funny and dumb at times
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: makes people laugh
R: gives good hugs
T: very opened - minded
U: is loved by everyone
V: not judgmental
W: very romantic
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: very hot
Z: makes dating fun


fakhruddin said...

F- wild and crazy
A- has a smile to die for
K- gorgeous
H- likes someone
R- gives good hugs
U- is loved by everyone
D- great friend
D- great friend
I- best boyfriend
N- easy to fall in love with

quite interesting huhu

-xarmx- said...

haha. .
for long time,ive waited for 1 cmmnt. .

lolx. .

i heard u n ur gf hd sttle down,true?

if so,then gud. .
tke cre of her crefully. .
women always jeles la. .
me also very2 kuat jeles..

haha. .


heqing said...

u r waiting 4 de comment?
sry la...
i malas to type....
u noe hw to spel my name rite?
so no need to type la...
u go 2 c urself...

-xarmx- said...

haha. .

dunno how can i say tht phrase. .

'waiting for comments'

(^^, )


faqiha said...

funny la wat bende alah ni..mcm2 mksud ade

-xarmx- said...

yup2. . .
yg pelik2 pong ade. .
huhu. ..